Needle Felted Birds by Melanie Ann Green

Bird a Day: Day 24: Spectacled Owlet

I get glasses today! Celebrating my new eyes with a Spectacled Owl


Bird a Day: Day 23: Tree Creeper

Bird a Day: Day 22: Ostrich

Bird a Day: Day 22: Ostrich

Bird a Day: Day 21: Kiwi

Bird a Day: Day 21: Kiwi

Bird a Day: Day 20: American Goldfinch

Bird a Day: Day 20: American Goldfinch… sorry for the lateness of this one, it was made yesterday but my head is made of cheese and I forgot to post it!

Bird a Day: Day 19: Zebra Finch

Day 18: Bird a Day: Henry The Too Tired to Make a Bird Bird

Made before breakfast… Today I took my mum out for a lovely day so Henry is holding the fort!

Bird a Day Day 17: Seagull

These chaps (along with pigeons) are probably the birds I see most of! Living in a seaside town they are unavoidable, be it nesting on cliffs or mugging tourists for chips you are never far from a seagull in Scarborough!

As usual I got carried away taking photos and took too many!

Bird a Day: Day 16 Fancy Flamingo

Bird a Day: Day 16 Fancy Flamingo

Bird a Day – Day 14 & 15 Chaffinch and Titmouse

As promised a double bird day! Tufted Titmouse and Chaffinch!